Parnter - map Europe

The consortium partners represent a unique combination of countries whose relations with the European Union vary both in nature and duration. The consortium covers old Member States – Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom (1973) – as well as Sweden, which joined the Union in 1995, Poland as part of the fifth EU enlargement in 2004, and the associated country Norway. This combination will create opportunities for including research on the varying degrees of influ­ence the EU exerts on these countries.

The scientific rational of selecting partner countries was to represent a unique combination of European varieties in governing active inclusion policies:

  • Anglo-Saxon the United Kingdom,
  • Central European Poland,
  • Continental European Germany,
  • Mediterranean Italy,
  • Scandinavian Sweden.

This selection provides the opportunity for empirical research to compare Member States which have already implemented active inclusion policy reforms (United Kingdom and Sweden) with countries that lack broader experience with such reforms (Poland, Germany and Italy). In addition, we include the specific competences of the Norwegian partner institution for theoretical and statistical analysis. This adds additional value, expedient expertise and a fresh perspective on the empirical research and insights on combating poverty in Europe.