Milan (DSLW)

DSLW (formerly “Institute of Labour Law and Social Policy”) is a department within the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Milan. As an interdisciplinary department, directed by Prof. Ida Regalia, it involves internationally leading political scientists, sociologists, economists and jurists who specialized in labour and welfare issues. Since 1985 DSLW has also been hosting the editorial office of the quarterly journal Rivista Italiana di Diritto del Lavoro (Italian Review of Labour Law).

Maurizio Ferrera

Professor, PhD, is the responsible researcher for COPE. His main research interests fall in the areas of Comparative Politics and Public Policy, with a special focus on the development, crisis and perspectives of the Western welfare state. His current research activities comprise: the politics of labour market reform in Europe, European Integration and Social Citizenship, the social dimension of the European Union and the issue of “convergence”, Southern welfare in social Europe and the challenges to and prospects for the welfare state in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Maurizio Ferrera was a member of the Group of Social Policy Advisors to the European Commission 2004-2009. Moreover, he was involved in the following research projects funded by the EU:

  • Director of the Milan unit project on “Systems of collective actions”, within “Targeted Socio-Economic Research” (TSER), European Commission Framework Four Programme.
  • Director of the project “Fighting poverty and social exclusion in Southern Europe” (FIPOSC), European Commission Framework Five Programme.
  • Director of the Milan unit project on “Territorial pacts and local level concertation in Europe. A multi-level governance perspective” within “New Modes of Governance” (NEWGOV), European Commission Framework Six Programme.

Matteo Jessoula

Assistant Professor, PhD. His main research fields are pensions, labour market and social assistance policies with a focus on national, supranational and sub-national levels of governance. Within RECWOWE (Network of Excellence, European Commission Framework Six Programme) he has coordinated two research projects: “Flexible today, secure tomorrow? The interplay of labour market and pension reforms” (with K. Hinrichs) and “The politics of flexicurity in Europe” (with D. Clegg and P. Graziano).

Franca Maino and Ilaria Madama

are Assistant Professors at DSLW. Their main research interests are welfare and labour policies, public administration reform and decentralisation of public policies.