Project Reports & Papers

POLICY BRIEF „Active Inclusion and the Fight Against Poverty: The Challenge of Integrated Services. Lessons from Five European Countries“ by Katharina Zimmermann, CETRO (January 2015)

Final comparative paper of WP4 („Europeanisation“):The Europe 2020 Anti-Poverty Arena‘ by Matteo Jessoula, Sebastiano Sabato, Chiara Agostini, Ilaria Madama, University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences (formerly DSLW) (May 2014)

Comparative paper of WP7 („Impact“): ‚The Impact of Welfare Interventions on Life-Courses of Deprived Groups‘ by Wiesława Kozek and Julia Kubisa, ISUW (October 2014)

Five national reports of WP4 („Europeanisation“):

Comparative paper of WP6 („Local arena“): ‚Combating poverty in Europe: multi-level, multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder models in local active inclusion policies‘ by Håkan Johansson, Alexandru Panican, Anna Angelin & Max Koch, SOCH (December 2013)

Five local reports of WP6 („Local arena“):

Comparative paper in WP5 („National arena“): ‚Dynamics and Varieties of Active Inclusion: A Five-Country Comparison‘ by Daniel Clegg, UEDIN (October 2013)

Paper in WP3 („Statistics“): ‚Material Deprivation – an Analysis of cross-country Differences and European Convergence‘ by Sabine Israel and Dorothee Spannagel, CETRO (May 2013)

Five national reports of WP5 („National arena“):

First paper of WP4 („Europeanisation“): ‚The European Arenas of Active Inclusion Policies‘ by Chiara Agostini, Sebastiano Sabato and Matteo Jessoula, University of Milan, Department of Social and Political Sciences (formerly DSLW) (May 2013)

Two papers in WP3 („Statistics“) regarding ‚Poverty and its socio-economic context in Europe‘ (March 2013):

First Paper of WP2 („Theory“): ‚Political Implications of the Current Debate on Poverty, Deprivation and Social Exclusion in Europe‘ by Bjørn Hvinden & Rune Halvorsen, NOVA, (October 2012)