Conference Activities

12th Annual ESPAnet Conference 2014 «Beyond the Crisis in Europe – New Opportunities for reconciling sustainability. Equality and economic robustness», 2014, September 4-6, Oslo, Norway

Stream 15 „Poverty, Minimum Income Schemes and Active Inclusion“, chaired by the COPE members Daniel Clegg (UEDIN) and Martin Heidenreich (CETRO)

1st Session „National welfare and anti-poverty regimes in a comparative perspective“ (Thursday, 4th of September, 1.30 – 3 pm)

  • Ferragina, Tomlinsen & Walker: Poverty and Participation in 21st Century Britain
  • Ebbinghaus & Bahle: Protecting families at risk in European welfare states: The impact of different policy mixes on poverty outcomes
  • Nelson & Fritzell: Welfare states and population health: The role of minimum income benefits for mortality
  • Rice: The social effects of active labour market policies in the Netherlands and Denmark

2nd Session „Activation in minimum income policy“ (Thursday, 4th of September, 3.30 – 5.30 pm)

  • Zimmermann: European pension reforms between financial and social return: the governance of pension funds in a comparative perspective.
  • Hubl: Household Nonemployment and the Activation of Minimum Income Protection in Europe
  • Bergmark & Minas: Investment in human capital combined with stronger work incentives: local active labour market measures counteracting long-term unemployment and social assistance duration. Experiences from Sweden.
  • Petzold & Kubisa: Long-term receipt of MIS and Active Inclusion in Germany and Poland Compared. A qualitative analysis of long-term beneficiaries’ experiences of active inclusion policies and their consequences for benefit
  • Hansen: Negotiating the dual aims of personalization and activation – the Norwegian Qualification Programme

3rd Session „Reform trajectories of anti-poverty policy in residual and emerging MIS“ (Friday, 5th of September, 2.30 – 4 pm)

  • Schizzerotto, Zanini, Girardi & Vergolini: Do anti-poverty programmes reduce social exclusion? Evidence from the impact evaluation of the Guaranteed Minimum Income Scheme in the Province of Trento.
  • Lalioti: The Curious Case of the Greek Guaranteed Minimum Income in Comparative Perspective
  • Sirovátka: The failure of radical activation reform of minimum income scheme
  • Laparra: “A widening social fracture in Spain: the role of a perverse labour market and a limited welfare system”
  • (Contributed) Zielińska: The periphery labour market. Working poor in Poland


2014, February 20, LPF-Centro Einaudi, Turin, Italy: Conference „The fight against poverty, from supranational to local. The case of Turin“ (as part of the series of seminars „Beyond the crisis? Which Europe, which Italy“), organised by the Italian COPE team

Program of the conference

2014, March 14-16, Washington, D.C., USA: 21st CES conference „Resurrections“ — session „Poverty and Social Exclusion in the EU“

  • Jessoula, Matteo: Governance in the Making? Europe 2020 and the fight against poverty and social exclusion

2014, May 12-13, Bordeaux, France: Early Stage Researchers Conference „Delivering integrated employment policies – Cross-sectorial policies in practice“

  • Petzold, Norbert: Long-term receipt of German UB II benefits

2014, June 5-7, The Hague, the Netherlands: Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union (SGEU)

  • Jessoula, Matteo, Agostini, Chiara and Sabato, Sebastiano: Europe 2020 and the strategy for combating poverty and social exclusion: actors mobilisation, problem pressure and the effectiveness of the EU tool-kit
  • Agostini, Chiara: The EU anti-poverty strategy. Explaining its limited implementation in Italy

2014, September, 4-6, Oslo, Norway: 12th Annual ESPAnet Conference 2014 «Beyond the Crisis in Europe – New Opportunities for reconciling sustainability. Equality and economic robustness

  • Zielińska, Justyna: The periphery labour market. Working poor in Poland
  • Petzold, Norbert and Kubisa, Julia: Long-term Receipt of MIS and Active Inclusion in Germany and Poland Compared

2014, October 9, Brussels, Belgium: Conference on the Europe 2020 Poverty Target: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward“


2013, June 4-5,  Berlin, Germany: Shifting to Post-Crisis Welfare States in Europe? – Long Term and Short Term Perspectives

  • Heidenreich, Martin: European Worlds of Employment and Social Services: The Local Dimension of Activation Policies
  • Jessoula, Matteo, Agostini, Chiara and Sabato, Sebastiano: Combating poverty in emerging multilevel arenas: EU2020 and the peer review strategy

2013, June 10-12, Barcelona, Spain: FP7 PhD conference ”Local welfare systems and social cohesion”

  • Petzold, Norbert: The risk management of ALG II

2013, June 13-15, Sigtuna, Sweden: 20th International Research Seminar of the Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS)

  • Spannagel, Dorothee: In-Work Poverty in Europe –The influence of the national context

2013, September 5-7, Poznań, Poland: 11th Annual ESPAnet conference

  • Heidenreich, Martin, Petzold, Norbert, Panican, Alexandru and Natili, Marcello: Social Assistance in Times of Crisis. The impact of active inclusion policies for exiting poverty in three European countries

2013, September 12-13, Cologne, Germany: „Poverty and material inequalities in Germany in flux“ (Autumn meeting of the German sociological association, sections „social inequality and stratification“ and „Methods of empirical social research“)

  • Spannagel, Dorothee: Poverty and Wealth as sociological concepts  – two sides of one coin

2013, September 19-21, Rende, Italy: 2013 ESPAnet-Italia Conference

  • Madama, Ilaria, Jessoula, Matteo and Natili, Marcello: Uno, Nessuno e Centomila? Le politiche contro la povertà in Italia, nel mezzo della crisi

2013, October 24, Berlin, Germany: Horizon 2020 Workshop „‚Building Inclusive Societies in Times of Crisis: Evidence and Future Research Needs“

  • Heidenreich, Martin: Escaping social exclusion: Lessons and suggestions on the basis of COPE and LOCALISE

2013, November 14-15, Brussels, Belgium: First ImPRovE Conference Improving poverty reduction in Europe“Session C3: COPE: The Multi-level Governance of Active Inclusion Policies

  • Ferrera, Maurizio: Reordering Economic and Social Europe: the role of power and idea
  • Clegg, Daniel: Comparative presentation on the national arena of combating poverty
  • Spannagel, Dorothee: Anti-poverty policies in cities with a strong industrial heritage